PT23001  Raspberry Pi Pico (Without Headers)

PT23001 Raspberry Pi Pico (Without Headers)

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Introducing the Raspberry Pi Pico: a microcontroller board built using silicon designed by Raspberry Pi. And that's the special sauce - the onboard microcontroller (RP2040) has had input from the whole Raspberry Pi team, from design through to educational resources. Pico will likely become a popular contender for industrial applications along with projects around the home/classroom. 

All of that, and at a price that can't be ignored thanks to the scale of Raspberry Pi. What an age we live in!

We also have available an option with headers pre-soldered.

Whether you prefer MicroPython or C , here is everything you need:

  • Product overview page
  • MicroPython SDK / Guide
  • C/C SDK / Guide
  • Our Getting Started with Pico Guide
  • Raspberry Pi Pico Datasheet


  • PicoTool (command line utility to find out these details for inspecting code on the Pico)
  • PicoProbe (to use one Raspberry Pi Pico to debug another Pico, as a USB → SWD and UART converter)
  • Resetting Flash memory (if you want to make sure your Flash memory is empty) 

Board Specifications

  • RP2040 microcontroller chip designed by Raspberry Pi in the United Kingdom
  • Dual-core ARM Cortex M0 processor, flexible clock running up to 133 MHz
  • 264kB of SRAM, and 2MB of on-board Flash memory
  • Castellated module allows soldering direct to carrier boards
  • USB 1.1 Host and Device support
  • Low-power sleep and dormant modes
  • Drag & drop programming using mass storage over USB
  • 26 multi-function GPIO pins
  • 2×SPI, 2×I2C, 2×UART, 3×12-bit ADC, 16×controllable PWM channels
  • Accurate clock and timer on-chip
  • Temperature sensor
  • Accelerated floating point libraries on-chip
  • 8×Programmable IO (PIO) state machines for custom peripheral support

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