PT22033 Raspberry Pi Zero/2 W Heatsink Enclosure

PT22033 Raspberry Pi Zero/2 W Heatsink Enclosure

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Note: There are two options of pin headers for this enclosure, please choose the preferred pin headers under the options:

passive cooling aluminum case for Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi Zero 2W boards! This beautiful black anodized aluminum case features a heatsink design on top and passively cools the Pi using embedded solid aluminum cores and a thermal pad located on top of the processor.

With incredible silent passive cooling performance, no fan noise, full port access, WiFi window, striking heatsink-like design, and full aluminum construction for the top cover, it is a perfect enclosure to keep your Pi Zero cool and running smoothly even while running on full load! :)


  • Use high-quality materials to provide the best protection for your Raspberry Pi.
  • The aluminum alloy shell is sturdy and durable, and the heat conduction is fast.
  • The upper cover of the casing is designed with thermally conductive columns to achieve overall heat dissipation through the thermally conductive adhesive and chip bonding.
  • Small size and beautiful appearance.
  • The bottom of the shell is made of acrylic material, smooth and beautiful.
  • Does not affect WiFi and Bluetooth-compatible signals.

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