PT5201 Crocodile Clip with Wire (10pcs)

PT5201 Crocodile Clip with Wire (10pcs)

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This is the crocodile or alligator clip cable. Connect to your component lead or

pads (example micro:bit) without soldering using these handy alligator clip test

leads. 50cm length cables with alligator clip on each end, color coded. You get 10 pieces

in 5 colors. Strong and grippy, these always come in handy! We often use these

in conjunction with a multimeter so we don't have to hold the probes in place.


10 piece set, color coded vinyl covered crocodile/alligator clips.

Contains two of each: Black, red, white, green, and yellow.

1 1/2" alligator clips at both ends.

50cm length.

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