PT7035 Electric Cooler Module (5V 1A)

The Cooler Module starts working when powered on with rated voltage 5V and rated current 1A. Featuring a small size of 30*30*5mm, instantaneous refrigeration, stable performance, no noise, and vibration, it can reduce temperature to -20℃ at most. It ..


PT7034 PIC ICD2 PICKit 2 PICKIT 3 Programming Adapter

Instructions for use:Installing the microcontroller, 28-pin, 40-pin microcontroller left aligned 28/40P (A) This flag line short-circuit cap on the A position.The 8,14,18,20-pin microcontroller aligned on the left 8P/14P/18P/20P flag line (B), shorti..


PT7032 61 Bit WS2812B 5050 RGB LED Driver Development Board

Description:This 61 Bit LED Board is Composition by 24 Bit, 16 Bit, 12 Bit, 8 Bit and 1 Bit  Color: RGB24Bit : Outer diameter 66mm, 54mm inner diameter16Bit : Outer diameter 44mm, 32.6mm inner diameter&nbs..


PT7031 100-240V to DC 12V 5A 60W Switching Power Supply Module Driver Adapter LED Strip Light

Features: 1. Good anti-interference performance and high reliability.2. Low operating temperature and long service life.3. Wide input voltage range, (100-240V) in line with global usage standards.4. Good insulation performance and high electric ..


PT7030 AC-DC 220V To 5V Mini Power Supply Module

Product features:1. The ultra-thin, subminiature2. The full voltage input (90 ~ 264 Vac)3. Low ripple and low noise4. Output overload short circuit protection function5. High efficiency and power density6. Product design..


PT7029 MH-MX8 M18/M28/M38 Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Audio Receiver board BLT 4.2 Mp3 lossless decoder

M181. Product introductionMH-M18 is a low-power Bluetooth design solution that supports the latest Bluetooth 4.2 transmission, two-channel stereo lossless playback, and supports button control (songs, songs, pauses, volume increase and decrease,..


PT7028 DC-DC Fast Charge Module 6~32V to 5V/3A

FEATURESSmall in sizeSupport multiple fast-charging protocolsUSB outputCan be used as a charging module or power supplySPECIFICATIONInput Voltage Range: 6V-32VOutput Voltage: 3-12V Auto-adjust based on the fast-charging protocol (Default output 5V, t..


PT7027 GNSS Multi-Band L1/L2 Helical Antenna (SMA) BT-560

Product Details:The BT-560 antenna is a small, very light weight GNSS/GPS L1/L2 multiband antenna for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou constellations. Designed for aerial and portable applications, the BT-560 weighs in at 15.9 grams with a standard ..


PT7026 NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 ESP-12F WIFI Development Board

CH340 chip-driven official description: WINDOWS driver USB to serial CH341 / CH340 installation packageSupport WINDOWS 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / VISTA / Server 2008 / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 32 Bit / 64 and MACThrough digital signatu..


PT7025 WiFi WLAN Wireless Module for ESP8266 NodeMCU ESP-12E

The controllers are easy to program by using the CP2102-USB interface without having to press the flash and reset buttons before each flash operation.The development board has integrating GPIO, PWM, IIC, 1-Wire and ADC all in one board. Support smart..


PT7024 Esp8266 wifi remote control Lua Iot Node MCU smart car motor driver

Features:Name: ESP8266 motor shield;using ESP8266 DEV KIT development shield module;extend the output ports for ESP8266 DEVKIT: SPI, UART, GPIO, AI and 3.3V power interface;extend 2-ways motor, then can directly drive 2-ways motor;design a power swit..


PT702003 Premium Jumper Wires 10pcs

Premium Jumper Wires for Breadboards or HeadersWhen you are prototyping a project, one of the more time consuming tasks is making up the jumper interconnects between different components, or between two boards. Sparkfun Premium Jumper wires make this..


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