What is Digital Servo Parts?

What is Digital Servo Parts?
12 May, 2020

Digital servo has many different saying.Analog, digital, coreless, brushless, linear, rotary, ratings, sizes, frequency, narrow band, PWM, gears, cases, splines,

So many options, so much to understand. As the saying goes, best to start at the beginning.

As pictured above, most servos have the same 10 basic parts. There are of course variations on this basic layout, but this is typical of what you'll find:

1-Top Case.  2-Servo Arm/Horn/Wheel.  3-Gear Set.  4-Center Case.  5-Potentiometer (hidden).  6-Motor.  7-Control Board.  8-Servo Plug.  9-Case Screw Set.  10-Bottom Case.

The servo plug has three conductors/wires. One wire supplies positive DC voltage to the servo – usually 5 to 6 volts (HV servos can handle up to 8.5 VDC). The second wire is for servo voltage ground, and the third wire is the servo signal wire.